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villagers said the early years of the name of the village that the villagers will not sound, liberation, the village signed a petition to the village name changed to grain yield, grain yield than other villages, the local government to encourage the villagers, the village name changed to In the local dialect, the Office account of this,Mother Of The Bride Dress, all this with the grave and the village name of the village.

Xue light that It is reported that, in Nanjing with West mound, Zhou and Zhao grave grave; grave words in third place names are: Joe Jiafen, Yang Jiafen, storm grave,Bridal Gown, Wang Jiafen (two), Pang Jiafen large grave after grave and king two, type both villages.

village in the grave, the villagers of the building with the name of the village are grave, the villagers took the ID card that Aunt Lee,Evening Dress, identity cards is account of this change had to involve a lot of things. Mound is not hard to find the village, along the Nanjing-Hangzhou Highway, out the door soon to Zhongshan. Village there are six groups of villagers, arranged on both sides along the highway, not far from Yangshan Yangshan famous monument material located here. Reporter found after careful observation, that some particular village, every household hung in front of all to write a

Nanjing dozens of names with names accepted by the masses, is the This is similar to Beijing's cultural characteristics, should be retained.

old Xu told reporters that the local villagers, Name of the village of origin and Yangshan timber monument has a lot to do. Ming Zhu Di made his throne, to take a lot of measures to consolidate their political power, which is a measure for the emperor erected a monument, by extolling the virtue of the emperor to win over the people. Yangshan Stele Monument material is to start construction of the Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum, the monument Yangshan timber dig very large projects, many workers were mobilized. Because the task is relatively heavy, every day, exhausted, fell to his death, was executed people. These people died, officials in the mountains south of the mountain sun fling them a long time, workers of the body layer by layer, over time, the formation of graves package. Future generations will be called this place the

change the name of the village committee said names should be cautious

Nanjing Gaochun ya town only 30 households have a small village the villagers, the villagers are invariably folks, the village called

□ Express correspondent Guyuan Sen Zhao Dandan items Fenghua

Nanjing Committee of Duke Chang told reporters names, the name of a place often took a few centuries or even millennia, can be said that names in a certain extent, represents a place of culture and history, changed its name should be careful, but the current regulations did not change the names on a rigid prohibition. Duke Chang said, changed its name must have a premise that we must seek the views of the masses, if you want to change the name of the village, by village-level organizations in accordance with the wishes of the people to seek public views of the villagers, the best publicity, and then reported to the town or street, and then submitted to the County Place-name Office, the county name of the village are independent of the approval authority, can be renamed according to the actual situation.

Nanjing Gaochun ya town only 30 households have a small village the villagers, the villagers are invariably folks, the village called Recently, the villagers very worried for this name, . Experts say the word tomb in Nanjing with a dozen names.

old Xu said that before because some villagers have any comments, the name had been to turn over twice. Once in 40 years ago, the village was renamed forward mound village, but was later not used to, so he changed it back, still called the mound village. The second about five or six years ago, the village was changed to Sun Village mound, but the villagers are still not used, or another called

Duke Chang said, the village changed its name covers a very broad, once renamed, the villagers of the land certificate, real estate license, as well as household and resident identity card must be the change, but also involves culture, postal services, public security other departments, to conduct multi-party coordination. If you want to rename the village level organization, be sure to come up with a mature plan, the approval of their superior, the only way to successfully change its name, rather than just the name of the village can change overnight.

hundreds of years ago, the grave and the village here and there is no village, but near the wall displaying the door, nine room first, woman in the town and dozens of villages are folks who, Yang was a flourishing population. Later, one living in the vicinity of the village of Yang who fancy this place is a grave and poised, after the death of Yang's great-grandfather great-grandmother was buried here. Since the great-grandfather and great-grandmother Yang buried here, in order to prevent grave robbers, Yang sent three brothers here to see the grave, and slowly the three brothers settled in the breed here, and named village grave.

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